Zurich to Nice

On January 28th my brother and I are flying to Zurich to attend VALUEx Klosters, organized by my friend Guy Spier (read more about Guy here). Alex and I attended the very first VALUEx in 2010 and absolutely loved it. Klosters is a small Swiss ski resort located right next door to the even more famous Davos.

I don’t attend many investment conferences, but this by-invitation-only conference is very special to me. It brings investors from all over the world to share ideas; and unlike other conferences where there is a clear divide between speakers and attendees, here everyone is expected to present and share their best ideas, be they specific investments or more general ideas. After three days I’ll walk away with a dozen stock ideas to investigate and many new concepts to ponder.

It doesn’t hurt that I’ll get to put in a day or two of skiing in the Swiss Alps, enjoy great food, and spend time with old and new friends. (I met two of my closest friends at this conference nine years ago).

I shamelessly copied the best elements of the format of this conference and created my own conference, VALUEx Vail, nine years ago. I’d argue that Vail is a more modern, master-planned version of Klosters.

Our trip doesn’t end with the conference; it just begins there. Alex and I are renting a car and embarking on a six-day journey from Zurich to Nice, France. We will pass through Bern, Lausanne, Geneva, Lyon, Avignon, Marseille, Cannes, and Monaco before we fly back to Denver from Nice on February 8th.

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