My Self-Improvement Journey

I am 14 months into working on my new book, The Intellectual Investor, which is far from being finished. I have written fifty thousand words but have yet to find answers I am looking for, and thus the journey continues. Working on this book has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. Because of it I am:

  • 11 months into not eating dessert (read my “I Don’t Eat Desserts” article here)

  • 6 months into working out twice a week with a trainer

  • 5 months into not eating carbs – no more bread, potatoes, or rice

  • 5 days into doing meditation.

Working on the book accidentally stirred up this whirlwind of self-improvement. Giving up desserts ended up dramatically improving my cholesterol. A few months later I got a trainer. Before then I had never worked out continuously for more than a month. Six months into working out, I feel differently. It is difficult to describe that sensation, but growing muscles provides physical fulfillment I did not know I was missing.

Giving up desserts and working out didn’t result in weight loss, giving up carbs did. Over the last five months I have slowly but steadily lost 22 pounds (about 10% of my weight). A friend asked me if giving up desserts made me less happy or even unhappy. I found that it had zero impact on my happiness. None. Instead of desserts I eat frozen blueberries and cottage cheese.

Writing (almost) every morning gives a creative high that is similar to the sensation I have for a few hours after a workout, the feeling that my muscles are growing and stretching my skin, except that this is happening in my skull.

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Vitaliy Katsenelson

I am the CEO at IMA, which is anything but your average investment firm. (Why? Get our company brochure here, or simply visit our website).

In a brief moment of senility, Forbes magazine called me “the new Benjamin Graham.”

I’ve written two books on investing, which were published by John Wiley & Sons and have been translated into eight languages. (I’m working on a third - you can read a chapter from it, titled “The 6 Commandments of Value Investing” here).

And if you prefer listening, audio versions of my articles are published weekly at investor.fm.

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