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Tesla, Elon Musk and the EV Revolution

An analysis of what’s in store for the man, the company, and the industry by a value investor and newly-minted Tesla owner.
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    What you’ll learn:
    • Why EVs are not just a new type of car, but a paradigm shift for the industry
    • How Elon’s dreams finance Tesla’s growth, but the company’s future success might not be in his hands
    • Why the survival of ICE auto makers may not be as certain as it seems
    • Tesla’s Autopilot: Elon’s wishful thinking of Tesla’s greatest advantage?
    • How EV range anxiety will give way to a new gold rush
    • Bulls vs bears on Tesla: who has it right?
    • Is Tesla the new Apple or the new Theranos?
    • Bonus: Are EVs green & what’s the future of oil?

    “I LOVE everything you write, but even benchmarked against your own lofty standards, this is a Magnum Opus that taught me more than I can adequately express!”


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