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"Thanks for your ideas and advice over the last few years." D.M.

How HP Can Navigate the Information Superhighway

Когда Hewlett-Packard Co. обсуждается в средствах массовой информации, она изображается как компьютерная компания. На первый взгляд, это имеет смысл: HP является крупнейшим производителем ПК в мире, а персональные компьютеры приносят 30 процентов дохода. Но – и это очень важно, но – ПК сегодня представляют только 10 процентов операционной прибыли HP. Кроме того, несмотря на общепринятое […]

I am back!

I am back!  It was an amazing trip.  It started with Warren Buffett’s Omaha.  I flew into Omaha on Thursday morning, and a few hours later received a call from the CFA Society of Nebraska, asking me to give a talk to their members.  Whitney Tilson and his partner Glen were supposed to do a […]

Microsoft Debt Issuance Makes Zero Economic Sense

Tuesday’s  headline from the WSJ reads: “Microsoft Corp. (MSFT)  to offer up to  $1.25 billion in 3-year convertible notes.” The software company will use the sales proceeds to repay short-term debt. If it was any other company I’d ignore this headline as a daily noise as this kind of things happens all the time. But Microsoft […]

Microsoft – Is Not Over Until it is Over

 I’ve received a few emails asking my thoughts on Microsoft’s (MSFT) quarter.  Here is my take: this is probably the least meaningful quarter in the company’s recent history.  MSFT is about to introduce Windows 7 (and a slew of other products.) If I were a corporate customer, I wouldn’t be buying Windows Vista now […]

Random thoughts, Stocks for the Long-Run, no more

 My doctor said that my bad cholesterol is high, and of course my good cholesterol is low, and I’m too fat (well, actually the wife said that). So, instead of following the fine American tradition of supersizing my Big Mac with Lipitor, I’ve decided to take a slightly different route – I tweaked my diet: […]

Microsoft’s best week in quite a while

Call it the wishful thinking of the guy who owns stock, but the news flow from the company this week was excellent:Microsoft (MSFT) MSFT did something very uncharacteristic. It did not push back the release of Windows 7, which will be released on Oct. 22. Bing is excellent. I played with it for a couple […]

Susan Boyle of Software or Microsoft’s Got Talent

When I think of Microsoft stock, images of Susan Boyle in “Britain’s Got Talent” come to mind.  The Scottish woman appeared — middle aged, awkwardly dressed, unsure of herself, unattractive by conventional (stereotypical) standards — and expectations of her singing were in line with her appearance.  As long as she did not fall off the […]

Mister Softie, are you serious?

I own Microsoft (MSFT) stock, and I do believe it is one of the steals of the century. But when I read that the code name for a phone, that is supposed to capture the days of glory from Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone, is “Pink,” I lose some of my faith in the company. I know it […]

The Wall Street Transcript Interview Excerpts

I was interviewed by The Wall Street Transcript, here are some excerpts from the interview: Investing vs. speculating Let’s talk about financial stocks for a second, because I’m sure they are on investors’ minds right now. You want to be an investor rather than a speculator; at least I am talking about investing. If you […]