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"You are one of the most interesting, talented writers I know" A.G.
"Thanks for your ideas and advice over the last few years" D.M.
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"Thanks for your ideas and advice over the last few years." D.M.

Broadening Our Horizons with Complexity

Israel My family and I are going to Israel for two weeks to visit my eighteen-year-old son, Jonah, who is spending his gap year there. I am going to organize informal reader get-togethers. These get togethers have turned into a favorite part of my travel. I don’t know the dates or locations (we are going […]

My Crash

Listen on: iTunes | Google Podcasts | Online “You look horrible. You have bags under your eyes; your face has no color. Are you okay?” This is what my stepmother told me last week when I stopped by my parents’ house after work. I felt worse than I looked. No, dear reader, I did not have a financial crash. Here […]

My Single Greatest Achievement

Listen on: iTunes | Google Podcasts | Online On Sunday we drove my eighteen-year-old, Jonah, to the airport. He is taking a gap year after graduating high school and will spend the next two semesters in Israel. He’ll be taking classes at American Jewish University, doing internships, touring Israel, and discovering himself. After we hugged Jonah and put him on […]

Personal Finance Advice That Changed My Life

Listen on: iTunes | Google Podcasts | Online Today I am going to write about a topic I have never written about before: personal finance. I am writing about this not so much for you, faithful reader, as for my kids. My four- and twelve-year-old girls are probably too young for this discussion, but my eighteen-year-old son, Jonah, is right […]

Transgender Trees, Homelessness, and a Dare in San Francisco

I am almost back from San Francisco (here are pictures from the trip)– I am writing this on the plane. As I am flipping through the memory bank, I am shocked at how many experiences we packed into three days. And as I read this letter it feels a bit darker than usual. Japanese Tea […]

My Personal Manifesto

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck The book that has had the biggest impact on me the past year is Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck. I loved this book so much I gave it to every friend as a gift. My 18-year-old son Jonah read it and gave […]

Looking for Denny Crane at a Star Trek Convention

People that have a close relationship usually have their own inside jokes. When I see my daughter Hannah in the morning or after school, I come up to her and extend my hand for a handshake. Her face turns serious, she shakes my hand and says “Denny Crane,” and we both collapse in laughter. To […]

Who Am I? (and my composers)

Listen on: iTunes | Google Podcasts | Online Someone recently asked whether I think of myself as Russian, or American. My initial response (without thinking) was – American. But as I gave this question more thought I realized that the answer is more complex. First of all, the question is incomplete, as I have another identity – I’m Jewish (we’ll […]

Zurich to Nice – Travel Notes

As I am sitting down to write about our Zurich to Nice trip, I simply don’t know where to start, with so many random thoughts and impressions that I want to spill onto these pages; thus this writeup may end being more random than my most random writeups and full of open-ended thoughts. I’ll be […]

Zurich to Nice

On January 28th my brother and I are flying to Zurich to attend VALUEx Klosters, organized by my friend Guy Spier (read more about Guy here). Alex and I attended the very first VALUEx in 2010 and absolutely loved it. Klosters is a small Swiss ski resort located right next door to the even more […]