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"Thanks for your ideas and advice over the last few years." D.M.

Investing Books For The Stockings 2008

 In crazy times like today, all one could and actually should ask for is sanity. Yes, sanity–a clear mind free of noise to deal with the insanity that is thrust upon us by a volatile and noise-making machine also known as the stock market. We find ourselves glued to the computer screens or CNBC waiting […]

Good Company vs. Good Stock

This is an excerpt from a comment I read on Daily Speculation. It is such a common misperception that I had to write a response: “Great stocks [Google, Apple] are to be owned. Companies who dominate their space are to be kept and allowed to grow. Those who have built fantastic franchise names should be […]

The Truth Is In…

Who ever said, “vino veritas” (in wine, there is truth), hasn’t written enough. I say, “in writing veritas.”   MarketWatch asked me to write an article about one’s investment strategy in the interest rate environment on the horizon.  When I first sat down to write, I thought that I was a bit neutral on the direction of […]

Some Thoughts On JNJ and Abbott Labs

It seems that 2007 should be a brighter year for Johnson & Johnson (NYSE JNJ).  In 2006 the company faced major drug expirations which dampened revenue growth. I really like the Pfizer’s (PFE) consumer business acquisition. Despite having a fairly good product line, Pfizer Inc was a pharmaceutical company that happened to have consumer products which came […]

Great Job Bob!

Herb Greenberg wrote a wonderful column and said something I’ve wanted to say for a long time, that blaming Bob Nardelli for the lackluster performance of Home Depot’s (HD) stock is just plain silly. Since Nardeli took over Home Depot in 2000, Home Depot’s earnings have grown at an amazing clip of 20% a year, revenues over 15%, net margins have increased […]