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Is Value Investing Dead?

Listen on: iTunes | Google Podcasts | Online Question: According to many market commentators, value investing doesn’t work the way it used to, and some tout statistics that growth has outperformed value over the last decade. How do you rebut that view? Answer: There are two answers to that question. My first answer is within the bounds of your “growth” […]

Everyone Who Says Facebook’s IPO Failed Is Wrong

 I did FOX Business interview about Facebook. I am tired of writing and talking about it as much as everyone else is tired of hearing about it. So I am going on Facebook hiatus for a (long) while. My last comment will be this. I got a question from a reader asking me if my […]

Facebook IPO Was a Success and Wall Street Got What it Deserved

Being politically correct has never been my strongest quality; therefore I’ll say this: I don’t feel sorry for Facebook’s new shareholders. Despite NASDAQ technical glitches and analysts sharing changes in estimates for the near quarter only with big clients, the Facebook initial public offering (IPO) was a success. Yes, a success. See, the IPO market […]

Why Facebook’s IPO Valuation is Insane

I was recently on CNBC discussing the Facebook valuation, which I believe is priced for out-of-this-world perfection. The easiest way to assess the insanity of Facebook’s valuation is by comparing it to Google’s. Facebook is set to go public at a sweet valuation of $100 billion, and it has estimated revenue for 2012 of about […]

Warning for an Eager Facebook Investor (my shortest article, ever!)

Here is a thought for an eager Facebook investor: Google revenue – $40 billion; market capitalization $200 billion (plus $40 billion of cash).  Facebook revenue $4 billion; market capitalization $100 billion. So Facebook has to grow revenue 10x for you to double your money.  Good luck! follow on twitter Vitaliy N. Katsenelson, CFA, is Chief […]

Omaha & Bubbles

I have to confess, I am tired of writing “structured” articles, the ones where I have to limit my thoughts to 800 words.  So with this email I am taking a break.  This is an unstructured stream of thought, in no particular sequence. Deadline to register for VALUEx Vail is May 1st.  I am very […]