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"Thanks for your ideas and advice over the last few years." D.M.

Yahoo!Finance: Beware of the Cyclical Stock Value Trap! Says Katsenelson

With the split between the improving U.S. economy and the weakness in the rest of the world getting ever wider, even as markets rally, it’s more important than ever to position your portfolio in the right sectors. According to value investor Vitaliy Katsenelson, author of “The Little Book of Sideways Markets,” the risk facing investors […]

The Value Trap of Deeply Cyclical Stocks

Just as it is easier to draw straight lines than to think in nonlinear terms, it is simpler to buy stocks that have gone up a lot over the previous decade than to remain committed to the ones that have done nothing. However, linearity is for suckers. Success in investing comes from being able to […]

Caterpillar’s Earnings

It is interesting to observe the excitement the Street has with Caterpillar’s (CAT) earnings. They were better than company thought last quarter, but sales were still down 41%. I have to give CAT credit for cutting costs as much as they did. But here is what caught my attention in the quarter: the area that […]

I’ll Buy “Stuff” Stocks When…

You should buy Freeport McMoRan (FCX), Caterpillar (CAT), PACCAR (PCAR).” – that is what I hear from friends of mine, who are in the biz, all the time.  They tell me how cheap these stocks are – 3, 6, 8 times earnings.  “You are a value guy! How come you are not loading up on […]

Stuff Stocks Still Too Expensive

Whenever I write or speak in front of a group of people and feel the need to apologize for my message, I am usually right. This usually happens for two reasons. First, I am likely saying what people don’t want to hear; and second, because the message goes contrary to common opinion. So I am […]