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Life – 2017 Edition

This article will be quite different from my previous ones. I am not going to talk about the stock market, particular stocks, the economy, or the new president. Instead I’ll talk about life. If the following is of no interest to you, no worries, skip this one. I promise you I’ll discuss the regular stuff in […]

Why Do I Torture My Kids … With Classical Music?

Lately I’ve been pondering on this question. At first, it was a subconscious decision. Somewhat by inertia, I was following in the footsteps of my parents. That’s what they did, and that’s what I’m supposed to do. However, I realized recently that I am re-gifting a gift. Instilling a love of classical music is one […]

Santa Fe Revisited 2015

Last year I wrote about (what has become) our annual trip to Santa Fe. The first two years it was grandfather, father, and son (my oldest, Jonah, who is 14). This year, the “boys” trip was turned into a “boys +1” adventure as we were joined by my nine-year-old daughter, Hannah.

Me, My Boy and Warren Buffett

I have a confession to make. I want my company to someday be called Katsenelson & Kids. That doesn’t have to be its official name, but I want to work with my kids. I want my kids to be value investors. I know I am supposed to want them to be doctors or nuclear physicists.

The Return of the Violin

Over the weekend I watched the documentary The Return of the Violin, and it had a tremendous impact on me. Watch it, even if you don’t care for classical music – this movie is so much more than its title implies.

Rach 3 and I

Except for a second-place trophy in chess (I think it was in second grade), I never won anything. Until a few weeks ago. Michael Peltz, managing editor of Institutional Investor magazine, submitted two of my articles for Azbee Awards. I didn’t even know what they were, but it turns out they’re an award given out […]

My Robin Williams Story

I was showing my eight-year-old daughter, Hannah, who Robin Williams was. She knew him as the voice of Ramon in Happy Feet (listen here) but had never seen his movies. We were browsing through YouTube videos and stumbled on a clip from a movie that brought back a lot of memories. Before I tell you about the […]

Our Trip to Santa Fe

As I get older, I find welcome recurrences popping up in my life; or as Tevya the Milkman from Fiddler on the Roof would put it, my life is turning into a series of traditions. In February each year I go to a conference in Florida, then in early May there is Buffett’s Omaha shindig, […]