Musings on Kids and Asia

I have not written articles in a few months, except for the one I wrote for the July issue of Institutional Investor magazine, on Japan (I’ll post a link once the magazine comes out)..  I am sure Freud, after spending a few minutes in my subconscious, would provide some disturbing explanations.  But as Freud said, […]

Microsoft Debt Issuance Makes Zero Economic Sense

Tuesday’s  headline from the WSJ reads: “Microsoft Corp. (MSFT)  to offer up to  $1.25 billion in 3-year convertible notes.” The software company will use the sales proceeds to repay short-term debt. If it was any other company I’d ignore this headline as a daily noise as this kind of things happens all the time. But Microsoft […]

Investing in Range-Bound Markets

Here is my article on range-bound markets in NAPFA magazine: Investing in Range-Bound Markets by Vitaliy N. Katsenelson (published in NAPFA Magazine)

See You In Omaha and More Random than Usual Thoughts

It’s time for the annual trip to Omaha.   For many, it’s a worshipful pilgrimage, as they hang on every word coming out of the Oracle’s mouth as the Gospel of Eternal Truth.  I am not much of a worshipper (in this article I explained why); I go there to learn, debate, meet like-minded investors […]

Randoms: Invitation to Presentation; Vodafone; Russia

I’ll cover a lot of random subjects, but let me start with an invitation.  I was invited to give a talk about China and Japan at my alma mater, the University of Colorado at Denver.  Here is the invite: We are pleased to invite you to an upcoming International Executive Roundtable on Thursday, April 15, […]

China: the coming costs of a superbubble

Christian Science Monitor approached me to write an article on China after they saw my presentation – China the Mother of All Black Swans.  This article is a combination of this presentation and articles I’ve written in the past.  It was published in the March 16th paper.   China: the coming costs of a superbubble China may […]

Don’t call me Dr. Doom, call me Mr. Realist

 I had an interesting conversation last week with a potential investor.  I described my thoughts on the US economy, explaining that in our (my firm’s) view the current strength of the US economy is significantly boosted by steroids graciously provided by the US government in the form of stimulus.  (I’ve written about it in this […]

Japan – Past the Point of No Return

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