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Q&A with Barron’s

  I was in interviewed in September 21 issue of Barron’s (see page 42). VITALIY N. KATSENELSON SPENT HIS YOUTH in Murmansk, a city in northwest Russia perhaps best known to Westerners as a setting for The Hunt for Red October. The Russian navy was a popular career track there. But Katsenelson, now 36, emigrated to […]

On BNN discussing American Express

I was on BNN (a Canadian version of CNBC) today (click here to watch), discussed American Express (AXP). Why it is a good company, but a fairly valued (at best) stock.

Interview with BNN: You Kiddin’ Me?

After I wrote the last note about China’s creative calculation of its GDP, a friend wrote: “So what?  Who cares what is going on in China?”  If the Chinese economy was the size of the Vietnamese economy, and it was not responsible for more than 2/3 of our trade deficit and didn’t hold $2.2 trillion […]

Video Interview with Yahoo TechTicker

I did three 5 minute segment interviews on Yahoo TechTicker with Aaron Task and Henry Blodget.  Here are links to the videos: Only Time Can Cure What Ails Us: Stocks Slump on Bailout, Stimulus News Range-Bound at Best: The Long View on Stocks Isn’t Much Better, Says Vitaliy Katsenelson Active Value Investing: The Bull Case for […]

Audio Interview with Chuck Jaffe at MarketWatch

I had a fun radio/podcast interview today with Chuck Jaffe at MarketWatch (here is a link, my portion of the interview starts on the 10:40 mark), we “played” hold it or fold it with some of the stocks we own: American Express, eBAY, Nokia; stocks I would NOT want to own: GE, Goldman Sachs, Bank […]

Quoted in Barron’s on AmEx

I was quoted in this week’s Barron’s on AmEx (AXP): “This company can weather a huge hurricane and come out fine,” says Vitaliy Katsenelson, head of research at Investment Management Associates in Denver. “American Express is one the simplest financial companies to analyze. It’s much more transparent than Citigroup or JPMorgan or Goldman Sachs. He argues […]

Interview with Advisor Perspectives

I was interviewed by terrific Robert Huebscher at Advisor Perspectives.  We’ve revisited my range-bound markets thesis, possible economic scenarios for our economy, and discussed global economy including Europe, Russia, Middle East, and of course China.   Here is a link to the interview.   Robert also interviewed me awhile back, we discussed range-bound thesis in great detail.  Here is […]

The Wall Street Transcript Interview Excerpts

I was interviewed by The Wall Street Transcript, here are some excerpts from the interview: Investing vs. speculating Let’s talk about financial stocks for a second, because I’m sure they are on investors’ minds right now. You want to be an investor rather than a speculator; at least I am talking about investing. If you […]