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"Thanks for your ideas and advice over the last few years." D.M.

This website has evolved in tandem with its author – me. I used to describe myself like this: I invest, I write, I educate. But that was when I was younger and lived and breathed only investing. As I got older, probably influenced by fatherhood, I realized that there is a lot of truth in the worlds of the immortal Freddie Mercury: “There must be more to life than this.” “This” in my case being investing.

I still spend an enormous amount of time thinking and writing about investing, but as I have gotten older I’ve found that my true passion in life is to learn and to grow as an individual. So today I call myself a student of life. (This way when someone asks me “What do you do?” I have an all-purpose answer.)

And then there is also classical music. It has been a passion of mine since I was in my late teens. I cannot read music or play an instrument, but this doesn't make my love for the music any less passionate. The best way for me to learn about classical music has been to write about it. If you love classical music, visit a website I created that is completely dedicated to it,, and sign up to receive my articles by email. In 2017 I joined the board of the Arapahoe Philharmonic – a phenomenal classical music orchestra in Colorado and one of the oldest.

Here is my short bio (for a much longer version go here). I spent the first eighteen years of my life in Murmansk, Russia, a city located above the Arctic Circle in the northwestern corner of Russia. My family emigrated to the US in 1991. I received my formal education (both my graduate and undergraduate degrees) at the University of Colorado at Denver. While I was getting my master’s degree I also studied for CFA exams and received my CFA charter in 2000.

I must have been addicted to driving to the University of Colorado campus, because when I stopped going there as a student I started teaching there. In 2001 I taught my first investing class to undergraduates, and later I taught grad students. I did this dutifully until 2007, when my first book, Active Value Investing, came out. In 2010, the publisher, John Wiley & Sons, asked me if I could turn Active Value Investing into one of their “little books,” and that’s how The Little Book of Sideways Markets was born.

2004 was probably the most important year in shaping the direction of the rest of my life – I started writing. First I wrote for, but I couldn’t sit still, and so I wrote for almost every major financial publication you can imagine, from the Christian Science Monitor to Businessweek to Kiplinger’s and Barron’s. Writing forced me to think exponentially more than I had thought before and accelerated my growth as an investor and human being.

Today I am working on my third book, which will be called The Intellectual Investor. I am enjoying the process of writing and learning so much that I almost don't want to finish this book, thus I don't have a date when it will see the light of day (or the Amazon site).

In 1997 I joined Investment Management Associates, Inc. (IMA), at first as an analyst; then I became portfolio manager, CIO, and today I’m IMA's CEO and its biggest cheerleader. I helped build IMA into a firm that I'd want to be a client of (which I am – all my liquid net worth is managed by the firm).

Most importantly I am married to a wonderful wife, Rachel, and we have three incredible kids, Jonah, Hannah, and Mia Sarah.

If you have made it this far, I suggest you sign up to receive my articles by email. I share a lot of content in them that never makes it to this or other sites.