Vitaliy Katsenelson is known for his uncommon common sense.  Forbes Magazine called him “the new Benjamin Graham”.  He speaks regularly at conferences around the world.  Over the last few years he has spoken at the Value Investor Congress, CFA Institute Wealth Conference, Agora Symposium, Casey Research Summit, and CFA Societies (on three continents).  If you would like Mr. Katsenelson to speak at a conference, email him  or call (303) 796-8333.


Vitaliy’s presentation at CFA UK was truly inspiring. His approach to investing is simple and straightforward; but make no mistake, it is based on deep thought and reflection.
It was a real treat for our membership.

Gerhard Sogl
Content Manager
CFA Society of the UK

Vitaliy Katsenelson spoke at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory’s Rethinking Seminar, an on-going seminar series exploring the broader aspects of American national security and international affairs to educate national security professionals.  Mr. Katsenelson spoke to the top two subjects principally examining China and her rise to economic power, whether that rise is sustainable, and if it is not, the ramifications for the U.S.  His talk was extremely engaging and insightful and one that is not typically heard in the Washington D.C. area.  For those interested in viewing his presentation (and I highly recommend it), it can be viewed here.

Duncan Brown
National Security Studies Fellow
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Vitaliy spoke at our annual conference and his insight and the depth of detail he provided was excellent.  Thank you for giving us a wonderful variant perspective on China and providing our attendees with a guide for investing in these uncertain times.  Analysis and discourse was informative and refreshing.  One of the most thought provoking talks I have witnessed.

– Nathan Kowalski , CFA – Vice President of CFA Bermuda Society

Vitaliy came to South Africa in March 2009 and gave two excellent presentations in Johannesburg and Cape Town. The audience reviews reflected the interesting and practical insights that Vitaliy provided. He brought home to the audience that while the “human reaction” is common to get overexcited in bull markets and depressed in bear markets, the most prevalent phase of markets is sideways. As investors and investment advisors we need to be able to understand and hopefully prosper during what are often extended periods of range-bound markets, where the major driving forces are often changes in investor perceptions and valuations rather than rapid changes in the fundamentals. Vitaliy provided us with a different perspective of the markets and how we can make money provide sensible advice to clients during these periods where the stock market is essentially moving sideways between broad upper and lower ranges.

– Arthur Thompson, CFA – President CFA South Africa

Vitaliy Katsenelson presented his research on sideways markets and his assessment of the current economic situation to value investing professionals at a half-day seminar in Frankfurt organized by the Center for Value Investing, the association of leading European independent value funds and investors.  Vitaliy’s clear and engaging presentation, his uncommon thinking and his knowlege lead to many new insights and a lively debate among the 40 paticipants. The interest was so great that discussion time had to be extended beyond the set time for the event.

– Max Otte, Ph.D., Director, Center for Value Investing, Manager, PI Global Value Fund

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