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Warning for an Eager Facebook Investor (my shortest article, ever!)

in FP: Latest/Stock Analysis

Here is a thought for an eager Facebook investor: Google revenue – $40 billion; market capitalization $200 billion (plus $40 billion of cash).  Facebook revenue $4 billion; market capitalization $100 billion. So Facebook has to grow revenue 10x for you to double your money.  Good luck! follow on twitter Vitaliy N. Katsenelson, CFA, is Chief…

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Good Company vs. Good Stock

in Stock Analysis

This is an excerpt from a comment I read on Daily Speculation. It is such a common misperception that I had to write a response: “Great stocks [Google, Apple] are to be owned. Companies who dominate their space are to be kept and allowed to grow. Those who have built fantastic franchise names should be…

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