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Quoted in Barron’s on AmEx

in 5 Minutes of Fame/Stock Analysis

I was quoted in this week’s Barron’s on AmEx (AXP): “This company can weather a huge hurricane and come out fine,” says Vitaliy Katsenelson, head of research at Investment Management Associates in Denver. “American Express is one the simplest financial companies to analyze. It’s much more transparent than Citigroup or JPMorgan or Goldman Sachs. He argues…

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AmEx as a Bank Holding Company

in Stock Analysis

AmEx becoming a bank holding company (BHC) is not just net positive for the company it is simply positive. When a highly leveraged investment bank like Goldman Sachs turns into a BHC, its future profitability suffers as its leverage drops to commensurate level of the bank. Lower leverage leads to lower profitability.  AmEx on another…

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