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Interview with The Disciplined Investor Podcast

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I was a guest on Andrew Horowitz’s the Disciplined Investor podcast.   Listen to it here Guest: Vitaliy Katsenelson discusses several of his best ideas on the value front. His recent research on Apple (AAPL) and other companies are part of our discussion as well as the difference between value and growth investing.

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Why Investors Hate Apple — and Are Dead Wrong

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A member of the 'Ansar Dimachk' Brigade which operates under the Free Syrian Army uses an iPad during preparations to fire a homemade mortar in Jobar

 In this article I don’t discuss Apple’s valuation, balance sheet, or financials.  I covered these topics in great detail in these articles a few months ago (Part 1: Psychology and Part 2: Value of Ecosystem).  Nothing has really changed since, except that Apple announced an enormous share buyback.  This article focuses on Apple’s products, innovation,…

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How Much Would You Pay for the Apple Ecosystem?

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Earlier this week I wrote about the psychological challenges that Apple shareholders face. I also discussed the evolution of Apple’s “i” gadgets — the iPod, iPhone and iPad — and how they have created an ecosystem unlike those of other technology companies. Apple’s ecosystem is an important and durable competitive advantage; it creates a tangible switching…

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Understanding Apple Requires an Analysis of Fundamentals and Psychology

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So many articles have been written recently about Apple — defending it or explaining why this glorious fruit will turn into a shriveling pumpkin by midnight (with Samsung’s help) — that I really haven’t felt the need to contribute to the unending debate. But then Apple’s stock crashed to $450 last month, and we bought a…

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