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Practitioners, Prognosticators and Portfolio Pain

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“Asphyxiation is a condition in which the body doesn’t receive enough oxygen.” That’s how I started my last column, in which I explained how the recent U.S. equity market highs have been creating “altitude sickness,” or value asphyxiation, for investors. If you look down from 30,000 feet, the market is trading at a significant premium…

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Germany, Europe and Mother Russia – Excerpts from VALUEx Vail

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I always look forward to Hendrik Leber’s presentations. Hendrik runs a value investment fund named Acatis Investment out of Frankfurt, but he invests globally. In preparation for the conference, I asked him if he could talk about investing from a European perspective, so he did. Hendrik believes that there is no immediate danger of Europe’s monetary…

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Sideways Markets Presentation

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Here are slides of my updated/revised presentation on sideways markets.  Over the last three months I’ve given talks on sideways markets three times, to CFA Societies in South Florida, New Zealand, and Atlanta.  It is very hard to be excited about the US stock market.  I read that Rich Bernstein, former chief investment strategist at…

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Seek out people who disagree with you; The budget deficit is a stimulus; China = post-bubble Japan?

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I am back from Buffett’s Omaha.  Every year I come back feeling supercharged for the year ahead.  This year was no different.  From morning till night I had the pleasure of sharing and debating ideas with investors from all over the world.  Though I did not plan it this way, the first day I had…

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