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Searching for Yield? Better to Look for Humility and Patience

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The following is an excerpt from Investment Management Associates’ second-quarter letter to investors. The Great Recession may be over, but seven years later we can still see the deep scars and unhealed wounds it left on the global economy. In an attempt to prevent an unpleasant revisit to the Stone Age, global governments have bailed…

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How Investors Should Deal With The Overwhelming Problem Of Understanding The World Economy

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The article is very long. It is long for two reasons: first, it is was originally a two-part article that I folded into one; and second, I am dealing with the very complex topic of investing in today’s global economy. I wrote this article a year ago, and some themes like “be careful of MLPs” are…

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What The F… Should I Do Now? – Part 1

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“What the f… do I do now?” This was the actual subject line of an e-mail I received that really summed up most of the correspondence I got in response to an article I published last summer. To be fair, I painted a fairly negative macro picture of the world, throwing around a lot of fancy words, like “fragile” and “constrained system.”

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