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Interview with Advisor Perspectives

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Tibidabo Barcelona

 I wanted to share with you my interview with my friend Bob Huebscher who runs a terrific website Advisor Perspectives.  I am very excited about this interview because in a very unconstrained format we had a chance to discuss Paul Krugman’s  latest bearish article on China, the linkage between the European crisis and Chinese and…

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Video from China/Japan Presentation and DC Trip

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I gave a presentation on China/Japan at the “Rethinking Seminar” at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab.  My presentation was videotaped; video (both streaming and download), audio, and even cliff notes may be found here (by the way, make sure to take a look at other presentations on their website).  Also, I updated my slides…

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U.S. Must “Man Up and Take the Pain” or We’ll Become Japan

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After it’s property bubble burst, Japan embarked on a stimulus program Katsenelson describes simply as: “Lower taxes and borrow money to finance it,” which pretty much sounds like U.S. fiscal policy during the Bush years. Japan’s central bank has also employed quantitative easing repeatedly since the early 2000s; if their experience is any indication, Ben…

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Don’t call me Dr. Doom, call me Mr. Realist

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 I had an interesting conversation last week with a potential investor.  I described my thoughts on the US economy, explaining that in our (my firm’s) view the current strength of the US economy is significantly boosted by steroids graciously provided by the US government in the form of stimulus.  (I’ve written about it in this…

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Will Japan drive our interest rates higher?

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In investing, it’s important to think unconventionally and creatively while at the same time considering risks – no matter how remote or unmanageable they are. I keep thinking: What would drive our interest rates up in the US? China is the obvious culprit as it’s the largest holder of our fine Treasury obligations.  If China’s…

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