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Poststeroid Economics

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Here is my latest article in the October issue of Institutional Investor Poststeroid Economics By Vitaliy N. Katsenelson During the ’80s and ’90s, ignorance was bliss. The global economy was growing nicely, and analyzing it (or even paying attention to market cycles) seemed like a waste of time, as the economy came in only three…

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Musings on Kids and Asia

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I have not written articles in a few months, except for the one I wrote for the July issue of Institutional Investor magazine, on Japan (I’ll post a link once the magazine comes out)..  I am sure Freud, after spending a few minutes in my subconscious, would provide some disturbing explanations.  But as Freud said,…

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Travel (Mis) Adventure

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I was invited to speak to the CFA Society of Bermuda.  My wife and I decided to make a mini kids-free vacation out of it.  We rented the kids out to the grandparents.  On the way to Bermuda we were to stop by NYC for a few days.  I had my days packed with meetings; my…

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