Microsoft – Is Not Over Until it is Over

 microsoft_logo11-300x240I’ve received a few emails asking my thoughts on Microsoft’s (MSFT) quarter.  Here is my take: this is probably the least meaningful quarter in the company’s recent history.  MSFT is about to introduce Windows 7 (and a slew of other products.) If I were a corporate customer, I wouldn’t be buying Windows Vista now if I could buy Windows Vista FIXED (or also known as Windows 7) in four months.  

 There is also news that it is difficult to upgrade from Windows XP to 7, but this difficulty will only impact consumers and very small businesses. Corporations upgrade using a very different procedure. They create a master disk, an image that has all programs installed and preconfigured, and then rollout this image to all computers.  So in other words, corporate IT guys don’t go from one workstation to another with a Windows 7 disk and upgrade one computer at a time.